Don’t Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste

This is truly a watershed moment in our history.

Things suck (technical term meaning that things suck).

(Totally unrelated: it’s May 9, 2020.  I am in beautiful Cape May, NJ.  It is windy as hell and cold.  Took a drive this morning.  A sunny day with some clouds. I marveled at some of the walkers wearing winter coats.  Then I turned on my favorite Christmas music, sat by my fake fireplace, and am about to grab an Irish Coffee. Later today I plan to listen to In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida while painting. Helps with the sanity thing.)

I am looking forward to the countless books, articles, white papers, etc. that are/will be written about this pandemic.  Sociology, psychology, law, in particular constitutional law, science, medicine, politics and government, philosophy, religion, business, insurance (insurtech is fascinating), management and leadership principles, economics…what an opportunity to learn and grow.

Saw an article on LinkedIn about micromanagement and trust. It has always been a problem; now it’s front and center in terms of remote working.

I heard yesterday that some businesses in Florida filed suit against the SBA and how it is implementing the CARES Act.  I’m not a lawyer but I think this falls under the umbrella of the administrative state and the powers it has to implement laws enacted by Congress and signed by the President.  Setting procedures to implement a law and facilitate the intent of Congress and, ultimately, we the people is one thing.  At what point, however, does the administrative state cross that line where substantive changes are made by a government agency that is in contravention of the law?

I really hope that we have a comprehensive after-action review of our elected officials’ response to this pandemic that includes a thoughtful review of how these actions impacted all of society.

Let’s not waste this crisis.

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