Bullies are cowards

Bullies use “strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.” https://www.google.com/search?q=bully&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b-1-ab

A coward is “one who shows disgraceful fear or timidity.” https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/coward

Bullies are cowards. And I hate them.

Bullies can be found in all facets of society…in the workplace, in government, in school, online, etc. Tactics change but strategy remains the same. It is to harm and intimidate those who have less power. Bullies are cowards because they, by definition, prey on those that are weaker. Tactics can be overt. They can be more insidious and, arguably, more cowardly.

It is heartbreaking to learn that a child has committed suicide because of the relentless bullying he or she has experienced online. I didn’t have to deal with cyber bullying when I was a kid. My school years began in the early 60’s. My son graduated high school in 2000. I don’t recall whether cyber bullying was an issue when he was in school. Once when he was 17, maybe 18, he had to defend himself in school but I’m not sure whether it was due to bullying or a simple conflict. In any event, notwithstanding the school’s zero tolerance policy, he successfully ended the conflict or bullying then and there. We celebrated the one-day suspension with a movie and pizza.

In my opinion, the only effective way to stop bullying is to confront it head-on, as quickly as possible, and with force if necessary, be it legal or physical. Appeasement, as a remedy, is at best naïve and at worst can be fatal. Now that I have grandsons, my opinion is even stronger.

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