Seven daily reminders in 2020

I recently marked 42 years in the insurance business. After more than 26 good years with Admiral Insurance Co. I retired and embarked on a new venture (adventure) as an independent consultant. For what it is worth, and for those who might be interested, here are my daily reminders for 2020.

First, maximize time spent on activities and things that align with my professional and self-development. Conversely, eliminate, or at least minimize, time spent on the stuff that doesn’t.

Second, maximize straight-forward communications. And do so candidly and with respect. Conversely, eliminate BS.

Third, be ruthless against the things that don’t matter including, in particular, needless bureaucracy. This includes breaking rules, if necessary.

Fourth, differentiate between things within my control and those that are not. Focus on the former, acknowledge the latter.

Fifth, protect my time, probably the most irreplaceable asset.

Sixth, always learn. Stop learning and I stop living.

Seventh, whatever I am doing, do it well. Focus on the task at hand.

Best wishes in 2020.


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