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My insurance claim career spans over four decades, all of which have been spent managing, directly or in a supervisory capacity, commercial and personal lines insurance claims.  For the the last 29 years, I have specialized in commercial long-term exposure, or continuous property damage/bodily injury/toxic tort claims on a national basis, primarily, but not exclusively, construction defect, product liability, and design professional liability claims.  My experience also includes construction accident claims, particularly third-party-over actions in New York.

During the first 14+ years of my career, I supervised personal lines claims, both on a primary and umbrella basis, in the State of New Jersey.  It was during this time, in the early 1990s, that I qualified as an expert in the evaluation of automobile bodily injury claims in Federal Court.  On behalf of the U.S., I testified as an expert in Newark Federal Court in two related automobile insurance fraud prosecutions of a fraud ring that included a physician, three attorneys, and their respective office staffs.

Effective July 2020, I became an Associate with the American Association of Insurance Management Consultants, https://www.aaimco.com/.

Effective September 2020, I joined the Academy of Insurance as an instructor, https://www.ijacademy.com/.


Construction Defect Claims: A Handbook for Insurance, Risk Management, Construction, & Design Professionals

December 2014

Over the past 25 years or so, the property/casualty insurance industry has confronted an onslaught of construction defect claims. Since the construction sector is a critical component of our Gross Domestic Product, it is not surprising that the impact of construction defect claims on the economy is significant. In addition, the ubiquity of these claims negatively impacts the availability and affordability of insurance, particularly for new residential construction

Managing such claims is challenging given the number of parties involved and the variety of construction contract language dealing with, among other things, indemnity obligations and insurance requirements. Risk-transfer language can be complex and has been the subject of much litigation.

This handbook provides a practical and user-friendly framework for those professionals who manage construction defects. It will assist the professional’s continuing learning, critical to the professional’s success, and it will provide a handy reference.


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